Who we are: St Cecilia’s Abbey is home to a community of Benedictine nuns on the Isle of Wight, England. We have been doing calligraphy for more than 60 years. Before the invention of the printing press, when all books were written by hand, every monastery had a Scriptorium for producing manuscripts.

Even in later centuries, the tradition of hand-lettering continued for special documents, prayer cards, and books destined for church services, often embellished with beautiful decoration using gold leaf, for the glory of God.

Our Community has produced hand-lettered and illuminated monastic profession rituals, two Gospel books, Christmas Night genealogy and a martyrology, as well as Records Books, Donors Books, School Rolls. Today, we no longer undertake books, only individual illuminated manuscripts for framing.

What we do: Calligraphy and Hand-lettered texts of every type - Medieval, Celtic, Gothic, Modern-for every purpose: citations, certificates, favourite quotations, poems, prayers, inscriptions. The Abbey Scribes and Illuminators have studied a variety of manuscripts from different epochs and are able to produce original work in a style suited to the text and wishes of the client. Often, like the monks and nuns in the past, the scribes work together on the same manuscript, one doing the lettering and the other the decoration to obtain the highest results. Most commissions are now executed on calfskin vellum, according to your choice, because the nature of the manuscripts makes them potential family heirlooms, to last for centuries.

Only the best quality art materials are employed. Since our work was featured in the London Daily Telegraph in November 2003 we have completed more than a hundred commissions.

a manuscript:
Send any questions or commissions by email, letter or phone. Because of the amount of time and skill required for producing these works of art, the price of the individual manuscript can only be approximately estimated in advance in consultation with you.

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